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Past Industry Conferences

The following is a list of past Industry Conferences. For more information on the upcoming annual conference, please visit the Annual Industry Conference page on Olin Business School's BCTIM website.



Sixth Annual Industry Conference

"Operational Innovations for Competitive Success"

BCTIM: Long Term Operational Excellence: The Duality & Complementarity of Leadership Traits & Process Excellence

Belden: Innovating in a Transforming Business Environment

Brown Shoe: Collaborating to Weather Supply Chain Turbulence and Deliver Value

Edward Jones: Solving for Operational Excellence Through Organized Movement

2013      Fifth Annual Industry Conference: “Supply Chain Management in the Big Data Era”
2012 Fourth Annual BCTIM Industry Conference: “Trends in the Global Economy Affecting the Supply Chain”
2011 Third Annual BCTIM Industry Conference: "Active Demand Management in Agile Supply Chains"
2010 Second Annual BCTIM Industry Conference: "Managing Complexity Supply Chains: The New Imperative"
2009 The Inaugural BCTIM Industry Conference: "Supply Chain Challenges & Strategies in the Midst of Economic Turbulence"