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Setting Up Your Schedule

To begin the registration process, log on to WebSTAC, select Courses and Registration, then click on Registration Worksheet. You’ll notice that we have already added two key courses to your schedule. After you have reviewed the information provided in the next few sections, please use the registration worksheet to plan your fall semester schedule. Completing your registration worksheet does not enroll you in the courses. Once your advisor has approved your courses you can register for courses at your set registration time. Please check WebSTAC to find out your registration time.

Let’s create a course schedule for your first semester at Olin. First a quick review of the required courses:

  1. MGT 100: Individual in a Managerial Environment (3 units): A key introduction to the foundations of business, this course covers four major themes: (1) how markets work; (2) motivating and managing people; (3) business strategy and firm performance; (4) ethics and corporate social responsibility. The BSBA office has already enrolled you in your assigned section of MGT 100 and an accompanying discussion section; please be sure to plan your other courses around your required business classes. Your section and subsection assignments cannot be switched due to pre-determined team assignments.
  2. MGT 150A: Foundations of Business (2 units): Provides first semester business students with an introduction to each of the functional areas of business as well as the entrepreneurial function. As you work to design your own enterprise, you will build skills in teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and an understanding of the complex interplay of business functions. The BSBA office has already enrolled you in your assigned section of MGT 150A; please be sure to plan your other courses around your required business classes. Your section assignment cannot be switched due to pre-determined team assignments.
  3. Calculus (3 units): All Olin students must complete Calculus II for their BSBA degree. Unless you received a 5 on the AB or BC Calculus exam please take the Calculus placement exam.                                         https://firstyear.wustl.edu/before-you-arrive/placement-exams/
    • Students with a 5 on the AB version of the Calculus AP exam should enroll in Math 132 (Calculus II).
    • Students with a score of 5 on the BC version of the Calculus AP should consider enrolling in Math 233 (Calculus III).
  4. College Writing: All first-year students must take College Writing (L59 CWP 111-119). In a small number of cases, students may be required to take a preparatory course before enrolling in College Writing. Please check your registration email to determine which semester you are taking College Writing. There are also additional courses you can use to substitute College Writing. To learn more about those options click here.
  5. Electives: In addition to your required courses, you will select elective courses. Your BSBA degree requirements stipulate that you must earn a minimum of 120 credits in order to receive your degree. To complete your degree within four years, you should average about 15 credits per semester. During the first semester, we strongly recommend that you carry between 14-17 credits total. Depending on your College Writing placement, you’ll be able to select one or two elective courses to round out your fall semester. Several courses require a lab/subsection. Make sure you register for both the section (numbered) and lab (lettered).

The distribution requirements are designed to lend some structure to your elective coursework. Courses applied toward your distribution requirements must be taken for a letter grade. Each student is required to complete the following distribution requirements:


Behavioral Analysis (BA): 3 credits

Ethics and Values (ETH): 3 credits

Humanities (HUM): 3 credits

Physical and Life Science (SCI): 3 credits

International Studies (IS): 6 credits

Although not required, you might consider taking a foreign language to complete your Humanities distribution. Please review the following for information about foreign language placement:

How to determine the distribution of a course:
Select the details of the course and review the attributes. See the example below. BU is the Olin Business School. As you can see Introduction to Psychology will count as BU: BA. The Olin Business School will count that course as a Behavioral Analysis.