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The Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation

‚ÄčThe Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation (BCSCI) at Washington University in St. Louis is a world-class research center in global supply chain management, supply chain finance & risk management, and operational excellence.  Well regarded for its thought leadership in supply chain management, technology-driven innovation, and process optimization, BCSCI creates and disseminates knowledge on cutting-edge supply chain and operational excellence practices.  

Through collaborative work with leading industrial and service firms via corporate partnerships, BCSCI helps organizations optimize their global enterprise processes, devise effective risk management approaches, and develop innovative business models and supply chain solutions to better match their supply of products and services with global market needs.

The Boeing Center creates value through collaborative research in technology, information, and supply chain management. The focus is on the proprietary challenges member companies face. BCSCI undertakes a number of custom projects annually for members. Teams of PhD and other Olin Business School graduate students tackle these projects, working closely with Olin faculty to find solutions that build a competitive advantage through strategic supply chain management and technology-based process re-engineering. BCSCI also sponsors seminars, conferences, and other programs to address critical issues and bring to light the latest thinking in the information, technology, and supply chain fields.

Create and Disseminate Knowledge on World Class Supply Chain Management and Operational Excellence Practices
Through BCSCI, supply chain and operations faculty and doctoral students from around the world present their research papers (which address some of the hottest topics in the field), receive feedback on their work, and network with a global academic community. Their interactions advance thinking and practice in the field, with a tremendous ripple effect that spreads out to their respective institutions, colleagues, and corporate partners. 
BCSCI offers access to a collaborative and consultative community of fellows, students, and faculty. They have the ability to attend seminars and conferences to present research in process or enjoy a front row seat for the next breakthrough.
Take advantage of the analytic capabilities of the Olin community—and gain five times the value—with a three- to four-month Practicum project. You work with a team of specially selected students, led by a faculty advisor, on your high-stakes supply chain or operations challenges. Deliverables may include a consulting report, a research or white paper, presentations to your senior executives, the development of assessment tools, or software support for your business models and applications.
Each year, BCSCI hosts conferences and seminars that address important topics and emerging trends in supply chain management research and practice.  Research seminars and conferences are geared toward the academic community, while Operational Excellence seminars and the annual BCSCI Industry Conference provide practical applications for the the business community.  All events provide a great opportunity for networking and collaboration.
Engaging with BCSCI creates a high-return investment for all—from industry practitioners and the academic community to current and prospective Olin Business School students. Our mission is to provide value and disseminate information to companies, academics, and students.
As a member company, BCSCI will partner with you to discover, develop, and bring to practice the capabilities necessary to achieve global excellence in supply chain, technology, information, and manufacturing. Our success is tied to industry's ability to provide timely, high-quality, low-cost products that consistently exceed customer expectations. You can gain access to networking events, expertise, seminars, lectures, solutions, and talent.
In addition to state-of-the-art research and teaching excellence, member companies have access to talent from a stream of well-rounded graduates who have balanced technology understanding, manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain and process management skills.