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The George and Carol Bauer Leadership Center seeks to impact every student and faculty member, as well as the broader community, by highlighting the importance of value-based leadership.

Impact with integrity

The George and Carol Bauer Leadership Center accelerates Olin Business School's efforts to develop leaders of competence and character who are equipped to make a positive and principled difference in their organizations, their communities, and society at large.

Center’s Mission
Creating knowledge about best practices in value-based leadership, Educating and Inspiring the next generation of value-based leaders and Transforming how businesses think about and practice leadership.
The George and Carol Bauer Leadership Center builds on Olin’s strong foundation of excellence in functional business knowledge by encouraging the application of that knowledge in ways that are consistent with personal and societal values. The center will emphasize leaders who measure success in what they achieve for their organizations and how they impact their communities and society at large through the values they demonstrate every day.