Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis | Groups

Class of 2020

May Graduates: 
If you plan to graduate in May 2020, you must file your Intent to Graduate Form on-line via your WebSTAC account by December 19, 2019. 

Accounting Majors: 
You should be taking ACCT 4680 if you have already completed 3620. If you are in need of elective units, you can consider taking ACCT 363, ACCT 400C, ACCT 400M/N, or ACCT 464.

If you are sitting for the CPA examination, don’t forget to review the state educational requirements. To learn more, check out: https://www.aicpa.org/becomeacpa.html
Economics & Strategy Majors: 
You should take MEC 400K this coming spring to complete this major.  

Entrepreneurship Majors:   
You should finish your elective requirements.

Finance Majors: 
By now, you should have completed FIN 441, 451 and 448 and possibly one finance elective. If you haven’t, then you should complete your remaining finance courses this spring.

 If you are thinking about sitting for the Certified Financial Planning Examination, check out their website to learn more: www.cfp.net/become/certification.asp   

Financial Engineering Majors:
Finish out the graduate level electives for this major. 

Healthcare Management Majors:
Assuming you have taken MGT 320, MGT 321 and your elective, you should enroll in MGT 322 and/or MGT 420 to complete your major. 

Operations & Supply Chain Management Majors: 
If you haven’t taken OSCM 458, you should enroll in this course this spring. For those needing a second Group A OSCM course, you can look into taking OSCM 400D. If you still need a Group B course, then you might consider MGT 380, MKT 378, or MKT 465.

Organization & Strategic Management Majors:
We are offering several courses from all three categories – so you should be able to finish your major given the course choices available to you.

Marketing Majors: 
You should probably have taken MKT 378 and 1 or 2 Marketing electives by now. It is important to make sure that you will have taken two Group A Marketing courses along with one more Marketing course to complete your Marketing major. Finish any remaining requirements for this major this spring. 

Specialized Masters Programs (SMPs):
Olin offers numerous Specialized Master’s programs. If interested and for more information about applying, please visit the following websites or contact OlinGradAdmissions@wustl.edu. Business Minors:  
You should work with your advisor to ensure a plan to meet the requirements. Remember you must earn a minimum of 12 distinct units (no double counting) for any of these minors.