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Class of 2021

Most of your required classes should be completed by now. If possible, plan to complete any remaining core requirements next semester. If not, talk with your advisor to discuss how to proceed. You should be starting to work on your requirements for your specific majors. Review your requirements and talk with your advisor to ensure that these requirements can and will be met by your graduation date. 

Accounting Majors: 
If you are majoring in Accounting, you should enroll in ACCT 3620: Intermediate Accounting II this spring provided you have completed or are now enrolled in ACCT 3610. ACCT 3620 is a prerequisite for both ACCT 464 and ACCT 4680 which are normally offered in the fall.
It is important that you determine for which state you plan to sit for the CPA Examination as you will need to confirm the specific requirements to ensure that you have met them.  You can access this information via this site: https://www.aicpa.org/becomeacpa.html 

Economics & Strategy Majors: 
If you haven’t taken MEC 370, then you MUST take this course this spring. If you have taken both MEC 470 and 471, then you can take MEC 400K this spring. 

Entrepreneurship Majors: 
MGT 421 should be completed or taken this spring. MGT 424 would be the next course to take after completing MGT 421. You should also expect to take one of the elective courses required for this major during the spring semester. Speak with your advisor about how you will satisfy the experiential learning elective for this major as many of the options are application based programs. 

Finance Majors: 
If you are taking FIN 441 & FIN 448 this fall, then you might consider FIN 428, FIN 443, FIN 400I/J, FIN 400L/M, or FIN 451. If you are taking FIN 340 this fall, then you might consider FIN 441 and/or FIN 448 as both will be offered this spring. 

If you are thinking about sitting for the Certified Financial Planning Examination, check out their website to learn more: www.cfp.net/become/certification.asp   

Financial Engineering Majors:
Consider taking core requirement classes in preparation for the graduate level Finance electives

Healthcare Management Majors:
If you have taken MGT 320 and MGT 321, then you should enroll in MGT 322 this spring. You could also consider enrolling in the elective course of your choosing this spring.
Marketing Majors: 
If you have completed MKT 370, then select one of the Marketing electives from either Group A or Group B. Only MKT 465 and MKT 377 are offered both semesters. If you are considering the Marketing major and have not completed MKT 370, then you must enroll in MKT 370 this spring. 

Operations & Supply Chain Management Majors: 
You should plan to complete both DAT 220 and OSCM 356 by the end of your junior year. If you have taken OSCM 356, you might consider OSCM 400D or OSCM 458. You could also work on your Group B category coursework.

Organization & Strategic Management Majors: 
You should start to complete your Group A and B requirements as these electives are either offered in the fall or spring semester. Note: HRM 325A, MEC 391, OB 400E, and OB 400F are all offered this spring if you wish to complete a Group C requirement.

Business Minors:  
You should work with your advisor to ensure a plan to meet the requirements.  Remember you must earn a minimum of 12 distinct units (no double counting) for any of these minors.

Declarations of Majors and Minors:
Your business major(s) and minor(s) should be declared by now.

Specialized Masters Programs (SMPs):
Olin offers numerous Specialized Master’s programs. If interested and for more information about applying, please visit the following websites or contact OlinGradAdmissions@wustl.edu.

Going Abroad in Spring 2020:
If you are going abroad on an Olin program, your Learning Contract is due December 7. You will be sent this form in November and must meet with your academic advisor before December 7 to finalize your study plan.  
If you are going on a program through the College, you should plan to meet with your advisor in December to review your progress towards graduation and should consider declaring your major prior to leaving for the semester, if you have not previously declared.

Center for Experiential Learning (CEL):
The Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) is a hub for active and experiential learning through business and nonprofit consulting. The CEL matches top-tier students with organizations seeking objective insights and applied critical thinking. Our partners gain actionable recommendations designed to deliver impact, while students benefit from valuable learning experiences.

If you are interested in participating in one of their opportunities, check out their website for more information: https://olinwustl.campusgroups.com/cel/about/ or email them at cel@olin.wustl.edu.