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Class of 2021

As you’re gearing up for the two remaining semesters at Olin, you’ll complete any remaining core requirements and upper-level non-business distributions, but the main focus of your senior year will be on coursework in your major(s).

While the BSBA advising team carefully checks your degree audit to ensure that you meet all necessary requirements for graduation, we expect that you are aware of the remaining requirements. It is possible to adjust your senior year schedule, but you should be thoughtful and intentional about it to ensure you meet all graduation requirements. When in doubt, please consult with your academic advisor. 

You should enroll in ACCT 464: Auditing and either ACCT 466: Financial Statement Analysis or ACCT 467: Income Tax Fundamentals this fall. You could take all three, but this might depend on your specific career plans.    

If you are admitted to the MACC program, you should discuss your Accounting selections with your MACC advisor. If you are thinking about sitting for the CPA examination, you should confer with your MACC advisor to determine the specific requirements needed for this exam. The process for registration for both graduate and undergraduate courses will be sent out shortly to each MSP student.

You should have completed MGT 421 and MGT 424 by now, leaving you with the task of completing electives for the major. 

You should have completed MEC 370 and MEC 470 by now leaving you to take MEC 471 this fall. MEC 400K will be offered in the spring and MEC 471 is the prerequisite for this course. If you haven’t taken MEC 470, then you can take both MEC 470 and MEC 471 this fall.

If you have not taken FIN 441 and/or FIN 448, then you MUST enroll in these classes. If you have taken FIN 441 and FIN 448, you should take FIN 451. FIN 447 and FIN 470A will be offered as well this fall. If you have not taken ACCT 3610: Intermediate Accounting 1, then you are encouraged to take this course. If you have taken ACCT 3610, you should consider taking ACCT 466: Financial Statement Analysis. 

To complete this major, you should enroll in MGT 320 and MGT 321 this fall as neither course will be offered in the spring.  ou can select an elective as well.

If you have not taken MKT 378 yet, consider taking it this fall rather than waiting to take it next spring. 
Choose your fall marketing electives carefully as these electives (with the exception of MKT 465: Retail Management and MKT 377: Consumer Behavior) will only be offered in the fall: MKT 400E, MKT 470E, MKT 477, and MKT 481.

You should be working on the specific categories for this major. Work with your advisor to ensure that you will meet the specific requirements for this major. OB 400C, OB 400D, MGT 460G, and MGT 460H are only offered in the fall.  

You should enroll in OSCM 400C and one or two Group B electives this semester.   

Please note that OSCM 400C and MGT 460H will only be offered in the fall. OSCM 400D and OSCM 458 will be offered in the spring semester.  

The Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) is a hub for active and experiential learning through business and nonprofit consulting. The CEL matches top-tier students with organizations seeking objective insights and applied critical thinking. Our partners gain actionable recommendations designed to deliver impact, while students benefit from valuable learning experiences.

If you are interested in participating in one of their opportunities, check out their website for more information: https://olinwustl.campusgroups.com/cel/about/ or email them at cel@olin.wustl.edu