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Though you are not required to see your minor or 2nd major advisor for registration, you are highly encouraged to go to their office hours to discuss your remaining program requirements. If you would like a copy of your degree audit, please stop the front desk kiosk in Simon Hall 118. Please remember that to remain in Olin courses you must meet all pre-requisites for the course. You can view the pre-requisites in the course description in course listings. I urge you to register for open sections of Olin courses. There is no guarantee you will be enrolled off the waitlists.

To declare a second major or minor in Olin 

Declarations for your 2nd major or minor should be submitted online through WebSTAC by the end of fall semester of your junior year. However, you are encouraged to start the declaration sooner in order to ensure your ability to complete this program of study.

You are required to meet with the second major or minor advisor within 30 days of your submission request to avoid cancellation of this declaration request. Plan to see this advisor during their on-call times shown below.

You should plan to correspond with your business advisor at least once a year to confirm you are on track to complete your major or minor. Stop by Simon 118 to access a copy of your degree audit from the front desk kiosk or through your WebSTAC account under WUAchieve.

Please feel free to see the on-call advisor for more information.

                   Fall 2019 On-Call Calendar: September - December

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:30 AM –
1:30 PM
Alana Greene Sara Stratton Jessie Vosseller Jessie Vosseller
(10:30 AM -
12:00 PM)
Analisa Ortiz
(12:00 PM -
1:30 PM)
1:30 PM –
4:30 PM
Analisa Ortiz Sandra Philius Alana Greene Maureen Wysocki Rotates

On-call advisor subject to change.