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Once students determine if they are eligible to study abroad, they should review and understand what academic requirements must be fulfilled abroad before selecting a program. Review the Academic Credit Policy for further details.

Major/Minor Course Requirements While Abroad |
  • Olin BSBA students are limited to three credit hours of coursework that can apply to a major or minor requirement. There is not a limit on the amount of credit hours you can take towards professional core or general elective requirements.
  • Students with second majors in Olin may take a maximum of two business courses abroad – one core business course and one major course, unless participating on an Olin Internship program.
  • Business minors may only take one course abroad that will apply to their minor. International Business minors may take up to two courses abroad toward the IB minor.
  • Students seeking major/minor credit outside of business should meet with the appropriate department to determine any requirements or restrictions. 
Business Credit on Programs Outside of Olin | Students participating on Washington University approved programs outside of Olin are subject to the academic requirements of the host department or college. Additionally, BSBA and Business Second Majors may only take two courses in business on a non-Olin program (1 per major). Minors may take one course abroad that would apply to their business minor, including IB minors.

Credit Requirements | Studying abroad should not have a negative impact on a student’s pathway to graduation! During a semester abroad, students should earn an amount of academic credit comparable to what they would earn at Washington University, generally between 14 and 18 credits. Summer programs tend to award 3-6 credits, depending on their duration and number of courses. Most programs establish minimum and maximum numbers of courses or credits in which a student must enroll.

Grade RequirementsA grade equivalent to C or better on the program transcript is required to be awarded Washington University credit of any sort for coursework completed abroad. While students must take courses abroad for a letter grade, the student’s cumulative GPA will not be affected by grades that are transferred in from a partner institution abroad.

Distribution Credit | Olin students can complete distribution requirements while abroad. These courses should be pre-approved or evaluated by the Global Programs Coordinators. See the course evaluation page for more details.

General Elective Credit | Coursework completed abroad that is not approved for major/minor or distribution credit will be transferred as general elective credit. This coursework will help students make progress towards the total unit requirement for the degree.

Orientation requirements | There is a required orientation course for all students studying abroad through one of Olin’s Global Programs. These requirements are made up of two different courses: INTL 300A and 300B. INTL 300A is an orientation course that students will be required to take the semester before traveling abroad. This course will help prepare students for their international experience.INT 300B is a required course for students whil abroad, designed to maximize their experience and cultural exposure as well as how to apply their international experience towards career goals. INTL 300B is taken during the semester abroad online. towards career goals.