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Academic Study Tours are a unique opportunity for students studying on select programs to participate in a credit-bearing study tour. Students attending the London, Paris, Koblenz, Milan, and Madrid programs participate in a credit-bearing multi-country European Study Tour (generally late January) while abroad. Students participating in the Asia-Pacific Internship program participate in a single country study tour. Each study tour is worth 1.5 units of general business credit. There is an additional cost for the logistics of the trips, which will be arranged by Olin and our international partners. Versions for fall programs are modified.

European Study Tour

The European Study Tour is a linchpin of the European internship/study abroad programs and serves as a comprehensive introduction to the European Union and European markets.  This tour is designed to give students an intense introduction to the aspects  and challenges facing the European Union. Each student will visit a pre-assigned EU country in a pair. During the visit, the pairs will meet with government and business experts to research their country’s attitudes about a specific issue such as enlargement or the Euro financial crisis. 

Part A: Teams of two students are assigned an important business topic and an EU capital. You and your partner travel to the country, conduct interviews with government officials and business experts, and complete as much on-the-ground research as possible. Topic examples have included EU enlargement and the Euro financial crisis.

Part B: During part two of the study tour, you and all participants gather in Brussels to attend lectures and meetings with European Parliament members and to represent his or her country assigned country at a mini-parliament exercise where students will debate the current assigned issue. 

Asia Study Tour

Following studies, students will participate on a for-credit Asian Study Tour to Thailand where they will undertake business meetings and cultural activities.