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The Olin Ambassador Program is a way for students looking to study abroad to learn more about the available programs by being matched up with a student who has already been abroad. The ambassadors have studied in a diverse set of locations (Europe, Asia, and South America) and programs (traditional study abroad and internship). Below are our current ambassadors, feel free to reach out to any of them to learn more about their program and study abroad experiences.

Last Name First Name  Program Email
Bingham Bronwyn BSBA Madrid Semester Abroad (Spain) bcbingham@wustl.edu
Crain David BSBA Israel Semester Abroad crain.david@wustl.edu
DiStasi Victoria BSBA Milan Semester Abroad (Italy) victoriadistasi@wustl.edu
Friedman Tyler BSBA Maastricht Semester (Netherlands) tfriedman@wustl.edu
Gingo Jude BSBA Asia-Pacific Internship Abroad jude.gingo@wustl.edu
Gumins David BSBA Madrid Semester Abroad (Spain) dgumins@wustl.edu
Hess Elise BSBA Madrid Semester Abroad (Spain) elisehess@wustl.edu
Lan Miranda BSBA Madrid Semester Abroad (Spain) mirandalan@wustl.edu
Milkes Eleanor BSBA Milan Semester Abroad (Italy) elle.milkes@wustl.edu
Moskow Joshua BSBA Paris Semester Abroad (France) j.moskow@wustl.edu
Ross Lillian BSBA Germany Semester Abroad lillieross@wustl.edu
Umetsu Carter BSBA Madrid Semester Abroad (Spain) carterumetsu@wustl.edu
Wang Nick BSBA London Internship Abroad nick.z.wang@wustl.edu
Weiss Jacob BSBA Brazil Semester Abroad weiss.jacob@wustl.edu