Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis | Groups
All students participate in various pre-departure, on-site, and post-program orientations. These are intended to provide students with general guidance and students are expected to research site specific information.

Pre-Departure (300A) | All students participating in Olin semester programs are required to enroll and participate in pre-departure and returnee coursework. INTL 300A, Planning for International Learning, is a 0.5 credit course designed to prepare students for their experience overseas the semester before they travel.  This course must be taken for a grade and students who do not successfully complete the class may be dismissed from the program. This is offered for Spring abroad students only.

Post-Program (300B)| INTL 300B, Applying International Experiences, is a 0.5 credit hour course required of all students who participated in an Olin semester abroad program that will include a research symposium to showcase work from abroad, and which will focus on reentry issues, post-program assessment, how to articulate transferable skills, and other post-departure information that will allow returnees to translate their abroad experiences into the working world. This course must be taken for a grade.

Fall Orientation | Olin organizes an alternative to INTL 300A for Fall abroad students. Students participating in the Fall program must attend all pre-departure orientations as organized by Olin Global Programs and do not earn credit for the pre-departure orientation. Students must still participate in INTL 300B the following Fall upon their return. 

On-Site Orientation | students must participate in all on-site orientation programs offered by the host institution.