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A Message from the Senior Associate Dean and Director for Undergraduate Programs

Dear Family Members and Mentors, 
I am pleased that your student is considering engaging in one of the many global programs that Olin offers its students.  Global experiences are an important part of the undergraduate program at Olin, in fact over 50% of our students engage in some type of global program during their BSBA career. Global experiences provide our students with valuable opportunities that will translate into personal, professional and academic growth.
While it is our goal to empower our students to take sole responsibility for their academic career, we recognize that studying away from campus presents new challenges that our students likely have never navigated before, applying for a visa, purchasing international airfare, arranging housing, working with one of our many partner institutions on course registration, all of which are different experiences from their prior semesters at Washington University in St. Louis. While abroad, they will explore a new academic and cultural environment, develop new perspectives, and acquire the cross-cultural and global competence skills that employers cite as important factors when evaluating résumés. As we spoke of at New Student Orientation, I would like to invite you to continue to partner with us throughout their preparation for and return from their global experience.  Please feel free to explore our Global Programs website, both the parent and student pages.  During this the process of preparing to go abroad we will communicate with you a bit more regularly asking for your assistance to ensure that your student is meeting all of the deadlines to participate in the programs.
Please know that even though your student will be overseas, our academic advising, global programs and career advising teams are here to continue to work with your student to achieve their academic and professional goals.  Our students enjoy access to all the services and systems while abroad as they would if they were in residence in St. Louis. 
I look forward to working with you and your student.   If you have any questions about the process or programs, please do not hesitate to contact me at malter@wustl.edu or via phone at 314-935-6315.
Thank you for supporting your student as they prepare to participate in this transformative educational experience.

Steve Malter, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs