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Returning home after time abroad can be both rewarding and challenging. Returnees probably have a great deal of excitement both about their program and returning home. Students may also feel a bit of reverse culture shock as they try to readjust to life back on campus.

Reverse Culture Shock & Adjustment | The unsettled feeling that can accompany one’s return from abroad is what some refer to as “reverse culture shock” and is a very common reaction for students coming home from studying abroad. Refer to the resources below for ways to help make the transition back to Washington University and St. Louis as smooth and rewarding as possible.
                                               Reverse Culture Shock Resources                                                  
Life After Study Abroad How to Deal with Reverse Culture Shock and Returnee Articles
Students Abroad Understand Reverse Culture Shock and Tips for Dealing
                                                Washington University Resources                                                   
Office of International Students & Scholars You now know what it feels like to be a student in another country. Help show international students campus and life in St. Louis.
Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement Volunteer with international organizations or international populations
Student Health Services If you feel like you would benefit from talking with a trained counselor, consider contacting Student Health Services.