Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis | Groups
Photo Contest | We want to see what an amazing experience our students have had abroad. Olin Global Programs puts on a photo contest every year for study abroad participants. There are several different photo categories including; landmarks, people, and landscapes. We will use submitted photos on the Global Programs website as well as other promotional events. 

Blog | There are so many great stories to tell about experiences abroad. The Olin blog is a great way for students to share stories from their experiences abroad and to help potential study abroad students learn what the experience can be like.  

Global Ambassadors | For students interested in sharing their study abroad experience and helping to guide other students who are in the preparation process for studying abroad, being a global ambassador is the perfect way to put your experience to use to help other students. Global ambassadors are made up of students who have previously studied abroad and act as peer mentors to perspective study abroad students and spokespersons for study abroad promotional and informational events.