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The CEL Entrepreneurial Consulting Team                                                                (CELect) delivers impact to the St. Louis start-up                                                                              community. Through a partnership with the T-REX                                                                              incubator, students work with local entrepreneurs,                                                                                applying their critical thinking skills to early-stage 
business challenges in marketing, resource         
management, and strategy. For more information,                                                                              please click

"CELect allowed me to really take charge on a project with real impact on real people. In my other classes, while I'm working on a client project where I'm doing case studies and analysis. In CELect, it's really the same thing, except it's real. I'm applying my knowledge from studies and life to help a local startup do better; theres no price tag on that."
John Yucesoy
BSBA '20

As a law student, CELect gave me an opportunity to peek into the business world, and understand what clients want for their business and their development, and how attorneys can help them achieve those goals"
Jack West
JD '19



Getting Started

  • Register for the course. You will be placed on the waitlist automatically.  CEL staff will reach out to students accepted.
  • After accepted, stay tuned for application to rank interest in clients and submit general information.
  • For questions, contact the Center for Experiential Learning at cel@olin.wustl.edu or +1.314.935.4512
  • Course registration: (Undergraduate) B53 MGT450X.01 (Graduate) B63 MGT 550X.01