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CRES Fellowships

Research fellowships are awarded annually to top-performing BSBA students, who are invited to assist in ongoing research projects, attend seminars and conferences, and conduct their own research. These individuals served as research fellows for CRES from 2007 through 2013. Their biographical and research information is included below.

2013 Research Fellow
Ana MarkdaSilva Are Likert Scales Ordinal or Interval?
2011 Research Fellows
Kaitlin Freedman On the Interplay between In-kind Credit and Farm Size: Adoption and Productivity of New Crop Varieties in Malawi
Henry Stiehl Sales and Product Placement Marketing in Auto Enthusiast Market
Charles Yuan Predicting S&P 500 Returns Using Support Vector Machines: Theory and Empirics
2010 Research Fellow
Eric Bierman London School of Economics Alternative Investments Conference (Summary)
Andong Cheng Evolution in Luxury Consumption and Preferences
Teddy Mekonnen Incentives for the Smaller Entrepreneur: Effects of Public Policy on Innovation and Self Employment
2009 Research Fellows
Wilson Castleman Do Artists Need Record Labels?
Jeremy Fancher Regulating Franchise Relationships: Empirical Efficacy and Recommendations for Reform
Victor Roy Making Bank: Social Networks and Friendly Business Models: A Study of Facebook and Twitter
2008 Research Fellows
Maya Avitan Empowerment of a Community: Beit Shean Community Builders
Laura Meier Factors Driving U.S. Foreign Direct Investment
Adam Schneider Summer College
2007 Research Fellows
Alex Bryan Do ADRs Violate the Law of One Price? Deviations from Price Parity in the Absence of Fundamental Risk
Shannon Cohen Economics of Standards War: An Analysis of the Current Industry for Wireless Broadband Internet