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Audiovisual Service

Audiovisual equipment and rooms for the Knight Center and Knight, Bauer, and Simon Halls are available for use. Reservations must be made and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ample time should be given when making these reservations. Requests for recording class sessions must come from the appropriate Programs office.  Requests directly from students will not be honored.  All equipment for Knight, Bauer, and Simon Halls will be set up or arranged for by the General Services Department at services@olin.wustl.edu. For Knight Center audiovisual services, email knightcenterevents@olin.wustl.edu.

Knight & Bauer Halls: Classroom Podiums

Use of AV Podium guide for tiered classrooms is available at Knight-Bauer-AV-Podiums

AV Requests

Requests for business school classes are given priority above all other reservations. For day classes, any equipment not housed in the presentation desk will be picked up.  To reserve computer or audiovisual equipment, please email General Services at services@olin.wustl.edu

Classrooms are equipped with a computer with wireless mouse, laptop network connection, overhead projector, projection unit, and wireless microphone. A single AMX control panel controls the equipment. For basic instructions, contact General Services.

Also available on request for use in classrooms and in Emerson Auditorium:

  • Videotaping
  • Document camera
  • Portable projection unit to project computer or video images

AV Repairs & Usage

  • AV equipment needing repairs should be reported to General Services.
  • Staff is available to assist with the use of any audiovisual equipment.
  • During the academic year, AV technicians are available Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • During these house, AV techs can be reached by the emergency AV phone located in each classroom.
  • For self-service, you may review the Audiovisual Instructions (pdf) document for assistance with operating AV equipment.
  • Events scheduled outside normal business hours may be arranged with prior notice by emailing General Services at services@olin.wustl.edu as noted in the Reserving Rooms section of this site.

Other Technology

Many technologies in Knight & Bauer Halls is similar to that in other Olin Buildings. As variances occur, links will be provided to new method and procedures in hits section. If you identify a need not available in the IS section of Campus groups, please send a note to help@olin.wustl.edu

Express Labs & Printers

There are two "express" computer terminals in the Graduate Lounge, two on Level 2 near the corridor to the Knight Center, and three on Level 1 just inside the Knight Center from the corridor connection (near Guller Lounge).  Printers and copiers (using student print quota) are also available at these locations.

Connecting Laptop to Video in Group Study Rooms

Need to connect your PC to the video screen in a group room?  Basic steps:

  1. Video Screen
    1. Is power on?
      • blinking or no light = yes, screen is on
      • solid red light = no, screen is not on
    2. To power on, use remote control
      • Press SOURCE
      • Select HDMI 1 option
  2. Connect laptop to screen
    1. Connect the VGA or HDMI cable to your laptop
    2. Remove cable by gently sliding the plug side to side as you pull to allow the locking clasp to release
      • IMPORTANT: Avoid damage to your laptop! Do NOT yank on the cable, else you risk damaging the port on your laptop!