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Food Service

Starbucks and the Bauer Cafe are open during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  Starbucks offers fare similar to any other Starbucks location (coffee, tea, pastries, etc.).  The Bauer Cafe provides a soup & salad bar, as well as several hot sandwiches, pizza, and internatonal fare.  The eateries are located on the third floor of Bauer Hall.  Einstein Bros. Bagels is located on the first floor of Simon Hall and operates during the Fall and Spring semesters. Einstein's serves coffee, tea, bagels, sandwiches, soup and various pastries. To contact Starbuck's or Bauer Cafe, please email OLIN-Starbucks-Catering@email.wustl.edu. To contact Einstein's Bagels, please email OLIN-Einstein-Catering@email.wustl.edu.


Knight Hall and Bauer Hall

Olin Departments are free to engage the caterer of their choice for food and non-alcoholic beverages. Arrangements for alcoholic beverages in Knight and Bauer Halls must be arranged through Aramark. Aramark’s liquor license that covers the Knight Center will be extended to also cover Knight and Bauer Halls. Catering of alcoholic beverages must be arranged through Aramark’s Knight Center staff. For small events, student groups or Olin departments may procure and serve alcoholic beverages provided that the liquor license holder (Aramark) is not involved in any way, and provided that event attendees stay within Knight and Bauer Halls with the beverages (i.e. attendees should not enter Knight Center properties with alcoholic beverages, including the court yard).

Simon Hall

Departments are free to engage the caterer of their choice for food and all beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). For alcoholic beverages, the caterer must procure a temporary liquor license if they will provide and/or serve alcohol. The event planner should discuss this arrangement with the caterer to ensure that proper licenses have been acquired.

Knight Center

All catering in the Knight Center must be arranged through Knight Center’s Aramark staff. No outside caterers can be used.