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Four Buildings.  One Olin.

Olin's four buildings form a campus within the larger university campus where synergies across all business programs create natural interactions among faculty, students and staff. Each program has a home base in one of the buildings, but shared public spaces and resources like the library or career center will insure a constant flow and mix of community members throughout all four buildings. The location of program offices and student lounges provide a center or home base for the faculty, students and staff affiliated with each program. We think of it as four buildings, one Olin.
Each building will provide a “center of gravity” for different programs.  The location of program offices and student lounges will provide a center or home base for the faculty, students and staff affiliated with each program.

  • Simon Hall – Undergraduate Program
  • Knight Center – Executive Programs and Conference Center
  • Knight Hall – Graduate Programs
  • Bauer Hall – Graduate Programs

In addition to popular gathering spots such as Simon Hall’s courtyard, lounges, and Einstein Bros. Bagels, Knight Hall and Bauer hall house new places to meet, eat, study, and socialize. The Atrium with a café, the Frick Forum, and The Mews are just a few examples of the places that will serve the Olin community. The Knight Center's dining room will also accept reservations from students for the lunch buffet.

Knight and Bauer Floor Plans

Download a PDF of the Knight and Bauer Hall floor plans at Knight-Bauer Floor Plans

Locating departments, faculty, and staff

Departments as well and faculty and staff have either moved to a new location, remained in the same location, or will be moving in the future.  Here's a current list, alphabetical by department.  Other avenues will be available to find your way, including wayfinding signage and frequent updates to this site.


  • Accounting, Economics, and Finance Faculty – Simon Hall, 2nd Floor
  • Marketing and Operations Management Faculty – Knight Hall and Bauer Hall, 4th Floor
  • Organizational Behavior and Strategy Faculty – Knight Hall and Bauer Hall, 5th Floor


  • Accounting – Knight Center, 3rd Floor
  • Alumni & Development – Alumni House
  • Boeing Center – Bauer Hall, 4th Floor
  • Center for Experiential Learning – Simon Hall, 1st Floor
  • Corporate Relations – Bauer Hall, 4th Floor
  • Dean’s Office – Bauer Hall, 4th Floor
  • Executive Programs – Knight Center, 3rd Floor
  • Facilities and Operations – Knight Hall, 2nd Floor and Simon Hall Mezzanine
  • Faculty Support – Simon Hall 2nd Floor, Knight Hall 4th Floor, Knight Hall 5th Floor
  • General Services – Knight Center, 1st Floor and Simon Hall Mezzanine
  • Information Services – Simon Hall, 2nd Floor and lower level
  • Kopolow Library – Simon Hall, 2nd Floor
  • Marketing and Communications – Knight Center, 1st Floor
  • Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Simon Hall, 1st Floor
  • Specialized Masters Programs – Knight Hall, 3rd Floor
  • Weston Career Center – Bauer Hall, 2nd Floor

Student Services

  • Graduate Programs – Knight Hall, 3rd Floor
  • Undergraduate Programs – Simon Hall, 1st Floor
  • Doctoral Programs Office – Simon Hall, 2nd Floor

Knight Hall & Bauer Hall - Floor by Floor

Level 1

  • Zimring Classroom (BH150; 60 seat tiered classroom)
  • Ling Classroom (BH160; 80 seat tiered classroom)
  • Emerson Auditorium (KH110) and Auditorium Foyer (KH110B)
  • Frick Forum (KH171)
  • Classrooms for future development (BH110 and BH 130)
  • Ten (10) Group study rooms (BH102, BH151, BH152, BH153, KH182, KH184, KH185, KH191, KH192, KH193)
  • Corridor connection to the Knight Center (KH 190)
  • Corridor connection to student storage lockers (lockers coming Fall 2014) LEVEL 2

Level 2

  • McGinnis Classroom (BH210 N&S – North & South; flat classroom; can be divided into two)
  • Classroom BH230 (90 seat tiered classroom; will be complete Fall 2014)
  • Classroom BH240 (80 seat tiered classroom)
  • Weston Career Center Student Services (KH210)
  • Weston Career Center Interview Suite (BH250)
  • Weston Career Center Recruiter Lounge (KH282)
  • Eight (8) Group Study Rooms (BH202, BH212, BH223, BH241, BH242, KH291, KH292, KH293)
  • Primary corridor connection to the Knight Center (KH 280)
  • Corridor connection to the Knight Center classrooms 210 and 220 (KH 190) LEVEL 3

Level 3

  • Segal Classroom (KH301; flat classroom)
  • Graduate Programs Office (KH310)
  • Graduate Lounge (BH350)
  • Atrium
  • Active Learning Lab (BH330)
  • Café, and Starbucks Coffee (future location)
  • Graduate Kitchenette (KH345)
  • Staff Lounge (KH347) LEVEL 4

Level 4

  • Dean’s Suite (BH440)
  • Faculty Offices
  • Faculty Support
  • Faculty Lounge (KH410)
  • PhD Suite (KH401)

Level 5

  • Faculty Offices
  • Faculty Seminar Room (BH550)
  • Faculty Meeting Rooms (BH510)
  • PhD Suite (KH501)
  • North Tower Room (KH511)
  • South Tower Room (BH551)

See full "At A Glance" document at Knight Hall & Bauer Hall At-A-Glance


To help you find your way, maps are available for each of the four buildings on the Olin campus:

  • Knight Center (Floor plan map pending)
  • Knight and Bauer Halls (Floor plan map pending)
  • Simon Hall

Parking & Directions

Refer to maps to help you find the most convenient route to your Olin buildings and classes.

All parking, other than the DUC garage, is by permit only.

Knight Center and Knight & Bauer Halls

  • Parking Options: Millbrook and Throop Garages are most proximate to Knight and Bauer Halls and have some excess capacity.
  • In addition, Snow Way Garage, Danforth University Center Garage, and the Simon Hall Parking Lot may also be used.

Simon Hall

  • Directions
  • Parking Options: The Simon Hall Parking Lot is most proximate to Simon Hall.