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Doctoral Student Web Presence

  • Official Doctoral Bio - every PhD student, DBA student, and On The Market student has a Bio presented in a standard format and are connected with data from Digital Measures. New to Olin? Contact your doctoral support delegate to assist in setting up your bio from scratch.  Current student?  Once a bio exists, PhD students can made edits directly in Digital Measures.  Read more about Digital Measures via the navigation at left, including a help guide for entering content.
  • Personal Web Page for Doctoral Students
    • Build your own page, hire a friend, or any external vendor. You can host on any web hosting service.  As of Summer of 2016, Olin-hosting of web pages are discontinued
    • Once complete, the web page can be a hyperlink from your official Olin bio and will also be a stand-alone page. See the Digital Measures guide via navigation at left for "how to" information.
  • CV files for Doctoral Students
    • Store your CV on any web-enabled hosting site, recommended as part of your personal web page decribed above recommended to use a simple name such as CV.PDF or YourNameCV.pdf
    • Once complete, use the FULL URL and filename in your official Olin bio. See the Digital Measures guide via navigation at left for "how to" information..