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Many resources are available to Olin faculty, staff and students.  A collection of Third-party software, Olin Services, and Other Services available to the Olin and general Washington University St. Louis community is listed below for an at-a-glance reference point.  To give feedback or if the resource you're looking for is not listed here, please submit your detailed suggestion for review to OLIN IS-WEB.

View resources by choosing one of the headings below.

- Software -

Software Description Contact Help Files/Url
Blackboard Learn

Learning management software that features course management, customizable open architecture, and scalable design that allows integration with student information systems and authentication protocols.  Its main purposes are to add online elements to courses traditionally delivered face-to-face and to develop completely online courses with few or no face-to-face meetings.

Blackboard access / course setup:
The Dean's office

Terry Wirtle:
Common Blackboard questions:
Instructors FAQ

Additional Support:
The Teaching Center.

Common student questions:
Student Technology Services

Students, TAs, and Faculty
access BlackBoard via WUSTLKey at.

Campus Groups
A community platform used by school administrators and student organizations to increase overall engagement on campus.
Sites & events are self-managed
by student organizations,

research centers, and administrative departments.

Focus for CG is the dissemination of Olin-related information for and about Faculty, Staff, and Students - content is viewable by external visitors without login.

Get a CG site:

Student groups :
Sarah Miller
(Grad clubs)

Yoon Groves
(undergrad clubs)

Departments and Centers:
IS Web Team


Access CampusGroups:

Detailed support via CG:

General Tip sheet (from Olin):

Digital Measures

A university data management system focused on teaching, research
and service activitie
s of faculty.
Faculty activity reports and accreditation relies on data on DM.
Select data from DM appears online for:

  • Faculty Bios
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Academic Areas
Login assistance:
Terry Wirtel

Content input assistance:
Terry Wirtel
(To enter your own data)
Faculty access:
(WUSTLKey login)

See Video Tutorial.
(WUSTLKey login)

Review Olin's tipsheet/user guide [link pending].
Dynamics CRM Corporate Relations Managment tool used by Olin Administration to create, maintain, and track Olin's relationships with corporations and contacts. IS Web Team




- Olin Services -

Olin Services
Service Description Contact Help Files/Url


Olin IS created a conference tool we call “Conference in a box” that allows for self-management of a conference data.  This tool can be used for an academic conference with paper submissions and judges -- or for a more typical conference with content and registration. IS Web Team:
Contact IS-Web For request Form: IS-Web@olin.wustl.edu
General Services Provides several different services including AV & Technology, mail service, cleaning and maintenance for faculty and staff, etc. General Services:
Campus Groups Page:
General Services 
Graduate Student Directory The Olin Graduate Student Directory is an on-line guide to pictures and information about the students from the most recent entering classes. The pictures and information can be accessed via a Search Directory, or through various lists, or by reviewing a complete set of pictures by class. IS Web Team:
Grad Student bio website:
Graduate student bios

Grad Student Search Directory:
Search Directory

Web Team
The Olin Information Services Web Team supports a wide variety of systems and services specific to Olin. Content and design support for the public-facing website is managed by Olin's Marketing & Communications Team.  Complementary support for university-level services may instead be supported by University IS&T group. IS Web Team:
Campus Groups page:

(Request Form link pending)

Kopolow Business Library Support for the business information needs of the Olin Business School and general university community.  Located in Simon Hall on the second floor, room #290.
Ron Allen
(314) 935-6739 

Madjid Zeggane
(314) 935-6963 

Kopolow Business Library Website:

Faculty Services and Recources:
Olin Directory Look up facuty and staff for contact information, loacation, etc. IS Web Team:
Olin Directory:

Olin Contacts:
Olin Help Desk Support for hardware and software. Help with Technical issues and questions.
Olin Help Desk: help@olin.wustl.edu Online Support Form
Calendar Display & Registrations Olin events: promotion to web and registration options IS Web Team:
Learn more about Olin Events, promoted to the olin website, and registration options. For Questions on which method to use, refer to documentation at OlinEvents-PromotionToWebandRegistration.pdf
Room Reservations Instructions on how to reserve rooms at different locations on campus. Room Reservations Team:
Event Management Systems:

- Other Services -

Other Services
Service Description Contact Help Files/Url
Campus Card Services General WUSTL ID card insturctions for Faculty, Staff, and Students.
Campus Card Services:
(314) 935-8800

Campus Card Services:
Campus Stores The Washington University Campus Bookstore is located in the ground floor of Mallinckrodt Center on the Danforth Campus.
Phone number:
(314) 935-5500
Fax number:
(314) 935-5853
WU Campus Stores:

Campus Bookstore:
Course Listings A master list of all courses offered at Washington University and a list of courses offered by particular semesters.
Log in to Course Listing with your WUSTL Key and you gain access to the myCourses menu item. There you can manage your course Favorites, work with your Registration Worksheet, and see your Schedule. Logging in also enables extra features throughout Course Listings such as the ability to add Favorites or add sections to your Registration Worksheet.
Registrar’s office:
WU Course Listings:
Dining Services Dining Services provides a wide range of options that will fuel your body and mind and an atmosphere that is friendly, welcoming and conducive to interaction with your fellow students, faculty and staff. Dining Services:
(314) 935-7098

Contact Form:


Order Online:

Dining Services:
Emergency Information Students, faculty and staff all need to know where to go and what to do during an emergency. Before a crisis occurs, take some time to become familiar with the ways to respond to potential emergencies. Report an Emergency: (Danforth Campus)
(314) 935-5555
WU Emergency Information:

Facilities Planning & Management

Facilities supports the teaching and research mission of Washington University in St. Louis by providing a safe, clean, comfortable work environment for the campus community. Our vision is to build, renovate, and maintain sustainable facilities with pride and integrity. A list of contacts is availible on the Contact Us page of the Facilities Planning & Management website. Facilities Information:
Faculty and Staff
Information regarding administrative assistant, TA, RA support. Insturctions for expense reimbursement and course material packets. See Help Files Facuty Support

Faculty Staff Handbook

Helpful Links Collection of links to various services and information. IS Web Team:

Course Schedules

Academic Calendars

Faculty Bios & Home pages

Center for Experiential Learning

Corporate Community

Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications ADMIN

Faculty & Staff Handbooks

Faculty Information

Faculty Information Handbook

Fac Support- CopyCenter Requests

Fac Support - FSTAR

Jobs at WUSTL

Kopolow Business Library

Olin email

Student Counseling



Weston Career Center

WU Phone/Email directory

Human Resource Management
and Self-Service System

Faculty and staff of Washington University in St. Louis can use HRMS to access payroll, benefits, time reporting and personal information.

Use Employee Self Service to change your federal W-4,
Direct Deposit enrollment, changes, cancellations, change your address, phone number, and emergency contact information.  View or print current and prior payroll checks, view your tax set up, update your campus card account, register for U-Pass or a parking permit, view your benefits
information, enroll in a training course, view or print W-2’s, Etc.


Human Resources:
314) 935-5990

Payroll office:
(314) 935-9835

Self Service Features:

HR Staff Directory:

Infant Nursing Rooms

As part of our commitment to provide ongoing support for faculty and staff and their obligations both at work and beyond their jobs, Washington University provides infant nursing facilities throughout the Danforth, North, West and Medical School Campuses for use by new mothers as needed.

To locate an infant nursing room, please review the list provided below. For questions or to schedule room usage where required, please contact the specified individual(s).

See Url for detailed Contact Information. Nursing Room Information:
Parking Information and Transportation services.

Parking/Transportation services:

Parking Services:
(314) 935-5601

Transportation Services:
(314) 935-4140

Campus Circulator Shuttle:


Parking Maps:




Technology Services and Support

The Technology Services & Support website is to help faculty, staff, students and guests of Washington University in St. Louis locate technology services and support at the seven schools at WUSTL.

Visit technology.wustl.edu
to submit an Inquiry at the bottom of the page.

Tech service/support Information:
Video Recordings Learn more about product solutions for video conferencing at Washington University via VideoWebinarSolutions-AtWashU.PDF To arrange for video-recording of your conference or other event, contact MediaServices using the Contact link. To distribute the resulting video, see instructions for Olin. To arrange for video recording, and other services, visit http://mediaservices.wustl.edu/servicesM/a> To upload the video to LectureCapture for distribution via email or a website, see instructions at VideoUploadFromMediaServices.pdf
WU Police Department [WUPD]
(WUPD) provides services such as emergency telephones, crime prevention and safety programs, and transportation services, as well as resources you can utilize to protect yourself and our campus. Contact Don Strom, Chief of Police, directly: don_strom@wustl.edu (314) 935-5514 WUPD website: police.wustl.edu Directions/Parking: Visit WUPD at the Lien Residence House on the South 40