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International Student Loan Process
  1. Evaluate loan options described in detail at Types of Loans.

    International students are not eligible for US Federal student loans but may be eligible for private loans. A few providers that have offered loans that do NOT require a US cosigner are Prodigy Finance, and Paras Education Foundation.

  2. To apply for a Private Loan, complete the following steps:
  • Please contact Olin Financial Services to verify your loan application period and cost of attendance.
  • Submit your loan application directly to your lender of choice.
  • The lender will contact you to complete final disclosures after your loan is certified by the school.
Note:   The certification process cannot be completed until you are a deposited and registered student at Washington University in St. Louis.

Olin International Non-cosigner Loan Program:  Olin offers international full-time MBA students a loan program that does not require a U.S. cosigner.  Application will not be available until you arrive on campus, but this program is typically available for any international student admitted to our full-time MBA program.  Please see Types of Loans for additional details regarding this program.