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Campus Groups Guide

A general guidelines for managing your campus Campus Group is below, created by Olin IS and augmented with feedback from officers/users like you.  If you have a suggestion for inclusion in the guide below, please note the section/page and send an email to IS-Web@olin.wustl.edu

You are encouraged to conserve paper by not printing this guide!  Additions are made on a frequent basis thus best practice is to use the guide as an online reference only.  Thank you for your consideration.

A Campus Groups Overview is available in the Campus Groups Presentation below.

Login Information

Login is NOT REQUIRED as the majority of content is open to the public. For more information on access, and when/if login is required, review the User Guide shown in the list below.

Full support is available from Campus Groups

Support Center - http://www.campusgroups.com/product/forum

Blog - http://blog.campusgroups.com/

Campus Groups Presentations

Presentations from Fall 2014 are available as shown below