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Office 365 Olin Business School FAQ

While most general questions about Office 365 can be answered by visiting the general FAQ (http://email.wustl.edu/faqs/) listed below are some questions that maybe specific to the Olin community.Make sure you review the gneral FAQ in addition to this page.

What user name and password will I use to access my email?

You will use your WUSTL Key credentials to access email services, NOT your Olin username and password.

Why do I still have an Olin username and password? 

Your Olin user name and password is still used to login to your computer and access file share resources. 

What will my email address be once I am migrated?

All email sent from your account will continue to come from your @wustl.edu email account. 

How do I get to Outlook Web Access (OWA) now? I get an error when I use my shortcuts and favorites. 

As a part of this migration we now use the same OWA site as students. You can access it by clicking on the WUSTL Email link located in the upper left corner of Inside Brown or directly at this link: https://outlook.com/email.wustl.edu 

OWA looks really different. What is new in this version?

This is the latest version of OWA and is a bit different that what we have been using. If you are interested in learning about the new features in OWA the link below will take you to training pages on Microsoft's web site.  

What if people are using my @olin.wustl.edu account to contact me? Will that address still work?

Yes, your @olin.wustl.edu email address will still work. Mail will be delivered to your @wustl.edu email address.

When will my account be migrated?

We are reaching out to departments individually for migration. We plan to have all staff and faculty moved by the end of August.

I need to set up my mobile device or another mail program on a computer. What devices can I set up and how can I do it?

It is recommended that after migration you delete your old account form all mobile devices and then add the new account. You will not lose any data as all of it is stored on the server. The setting for mobile devices and other clients can be found here: 


Why is my name displayed differently in Office 365?

Your display name is based off of information from the Human Resources Information System (HRMS). This is consistent with the way contact information is displayed in the University Directory. You can change your preferred first name in HRMS by doing the following:

  1. Logon to HRMS (https://hr.wustl.edu)
  2. Go to Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary
  3. Click “Change Preferred First Name”
  4. Enter your preferred first name in the space provided and click Save

Why are names in the address book listed with last name first?

The address books is now University wide so searching by first name would lead a lot of overlapping results.

Will Lync (a.k.a Communicator) be migrating to Office 365?

We will be moving to Lync in Office 365. However, we will not be migrating contact that you have stored in Lync today. You will need to add those after you sign in to Lync.

I have a new person starting at the School. How can I get them an email account?

Going forward all email accounts will be based off of entries into the University's Human Resources Management System (HRMS). All employees will receive an account once they create their WUSTL Key. This process begins once they turn in their Personal Information Sheet to the Business Office and it is entered into HRMS. For visiting scholars or other individuals who are not paid directly, they will fill out a Non-employee Personal Information Sheet and once that is entered into HRMS they will receive their email account the following day. 

I have a student RA that needs access to Olin resources. How can I get them an account?

Office 365 is the same email system that students use. They will be able to see calendars and reserve rooms just like faculty and staff. Also, their WUSTL Keys can be granted access to network file shares so they do not need an Olin account. 

Is my version of Microsoft Office being upgraded?

The version of Microsoft Office you use today on your work computer is not being upgraded, but you can request an upgrade.  If you are not currently on Office 2013 (Windows) or Office 2011 (Mac) and would like to be upgraded, send your request to the Help Desk (help@olin.wustl.edu).

I can't find rooms that I used to reserve through Outlook.

Since we are moving to a larger university email system, the list of rooms is much larger now. The University standard for naming rooms (as well as groups and shared mailboxes) is to prefix all names with "OLIN" for the Olin Business School. Other schools and units use their own prefixes. 

I can't see someone's calendar that I could before.

While we are trying to complete the migration as quickly as we can, there will be times when the user's calendar you are trying to access  is not on the same system as your mailbox. Until the migration is complete, you may not be able to see that calendar. If this is a serious problem, please contact the Help Desk (help@olin.wustl.edu) with your concern.

What happened to the shared mailbox I used to use. I used to be able to login to it directly, but I can't anymore. 

Your shared mailbox is still available in Office 365. However now all email accounts require a WUSTL Key, and shared mailboxes do not have a WUSTL Key. Whle this is consistent with how we have created shared mailboxes at Olin in the past, a few departments still were using shared accounts that people used with a shared username and pasword. These accounts have been converted to a Shared Mailbox. Access to these shared mailboxes is granted based on your WUSTL Key account.

If you use Outlook on Windows, the account should automatically appear in Outlook. If you are on a Mac you can access it by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and selecting the option "Open another mailbox". You can then type in the name of the mailbox. If you don't see the mailbox or cannot open it through OWA then you may not have permission. This can be requested by contacting the Help Desk (help@olin.wustl.edu).