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Office 365 Migration Schedule

The current schedule for migrating to Office 365. Date smarked "Open" are available for scheduling. Multiple groups may be migrated on the same day depending on size.

Departments and faculty groups which have not yet been scheduled are listed below the dates.

F 8/1 Center for Experiential Learning
M 8/4 Accounting
T 8/5 Open
W 8/6 Doctoral Programs
Faculty - Massie/Schmich/Turcott
Th 8/7 Center for Health Policy
F 8/8 Weston Career Center
M 8/11 Graduate Programs
T 8/12 Skandalaris Center
Deans Office
Corporate Relations
W 8/13 Faculty - Carter/Perry
Th 8/14 Faculty - Harting/Miholli/Myers
F 8/15 Knight Center Staff (Aramark)
M 8/18 Faculty - DeBord/Other
Faculty Support
T 8/19

Executive Education
Marketing & Communications

W 8/20 Cleanup
Th 8/21 Cleanup
F 8/22 Cleanup

Groups to be Scheduled

  • Facilities and Operations & General Services
  • Marketing & Communications