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Using a Laptop at Olin

Before you use a laptop on the Olin network, you must do the following:

  1. Verify that you have installed ALL critical updates for your operating system. Windows users, go to Microsoft Update and install all critical updates. You may need to do this multiple times.

    Do NOT assume that a new laptop has an up-to-date copy of Windows. PC companies create a base image and ship systems out with that image for several months. They do not apply the updates that have been released since they created that image. It is up to YOU to update your system.
  2. Enable Automatic Updates on your system. See Microsoft's Security at Home page if you need help.
  3. Install AntiVirus software, update the virus definitions, scan your system, and make sure the software is set to check your files in real-time. If you live in University Housing and have a data connection, you can download a copy of Symantec Antivirus as part of your service. See the Restech page for download information. We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials which is avaialble at no cost.
    If your laptop came with an antivirus package pre-installed, do NOT assume it is up-to-date. In most case, you have to run the program to activate it and the subscription for antivirus updates.

Laptop Printing

There are three printers you can use from your laptop. These are virtual printers where your jobs will be held until you release them at a release station.

Visit the STS web site for Setup Instructions.

  • WUSTLprint : Black & white printing. Release at Business, ArtSci, and other Danforth campus locations.
  • WUSTLprint-color : Color printing. Release at Business.
  • STSprint : Release at STS Residential Labs.

After you have the printers installed on your laptop, you are ready to print.

  1. Print your document to the appropriate printer (WUSTLprint, WUSTLprint-color, or STSprint).
  2. Go to the release station for the printer where you want your document to print.
  3. Logon to PaperCut with your WUSTL Key username and password. Do NOT use your Olin username and password!
  4. Your documents will be listed along with the page count and cost to release the job. Click Print to print your document. Click Cancel to cancel the job without printing. If you print the job, the cost will be charged to your quota or to your Campus Card account if your quota is gone.