Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis | Groups

Olin has provided staff and faculty with the capability to use Instant Messaging and Audio/Video Calls with other users at Olin as well as selected organizations outside of Olin. This service was originally offered using Microsoft Communicator and later upgraded to Microsoft Lync. Now we are about to upgrade service again, this time from the Olin Lync 2010 service to the University Lync Online service that is part of Office 365.

When Olin migrated email to Office 365, Lync accounts were activated for users at the same time, but we did not communicate this information because we wanted to focus on the email upgrade. Now that that process is complete, we're turning our focus to Lync.

Staff and faculty can logon to Lync Online today using your @wustl.edu address as your sign-in address. If prompted to provide a username and password, it is the same as you use for setting up mail clients on your computer or your phone. Your username is your @wustl.edu address and your password is your WUSTL Key password. If you are a student, you use your @go.wustl.edu address for the sign-in and username.

You can use Lync Online to communicate with the following groups:

  • All WUSTL users using Office 365 (select from address book)
    • Faculty & Staff (@wustl.edu addresses)
    • Students (@go.wustl.edu addresses)
  • Medical School users (@wusm.wustl.edu addresses)
  • Brookings Institution users (@brookings.edu addresses)
  • Selected corporate partners (Microsoft, Aspect, Oakwood)
  • Skype users with Microsoft accounts (no video calls at this time)

Lync Online does NOT support communicating with Yahoo, AIM, or Google Chat users. If you have colleagues at other institutions also using Lync, send a note to the Olin Help Desk (help@olin.wustl.edu) and request that Lync Federation be enabled for the institution. We'll take it to the steering committee for approval.