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Computer hardware and software purchases for Olin are handled by the IS group. Submit your purchase requests for these items to IS at purchasing@olin.wustl.edu. Please provide detailed specifications and/or specific models if required. If you are making a request on behalf of your department or want to use a grant for a purchase, please provide the necessary accounting charge codes.

We may suggest an alternative to your request  based on University purchasing standards as well as product availability from preferred suppliers. For example, the University has selected Dell and Apple as our standard computer provider.

Faculty may make purchases below $500 and request reimbursement from their STAR fund for hardware and software, but we will require details about the purchase for our inventory and insurance.  Even though faculty may make these purchases on their own, we would prefer that they process these with IS as much possible.

Surplus Equipment

The expected productive life of computer equipment at the Olin School is approximately four years. Computer technology advances so rapidly that, even though equipment may still be functional, it is probably under-powered and more expensive to maintain. We have determined that the four year replacement cycle lets Olin maximize its investment in computer resources.

Please note that Olin leases most of its equipment now, so the amount of surplus equipment available for sale is quite small compared to years past.

Before you look at the list of equipment currently available for purchase, please make sure you understand the terms of the purchase:

  • All equipment is sold as-is. If it is listed for sale, then it does turn on and appears to function. Beyond that there is no warranty of any kind.
  • No technical support will be provided. If something happens, you are on your own.
  • No returns or exchanges.
  • No upgrades are available.
  • Purchases are "first come, first served."

If you are still interested after reading the terms, you can view the list of surplus equipment.

Interested in buying a new computer?

If you are a staff or faculty member, send your request to IS Purchasing (purchasing@olin.wustl.edu).

If you are an Olin student, please click here: Student Laptops