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Virtual Computer Lab

The Computer Lab in the basement of Simon Hall was closed in May 2015 to make way for new classroom space. In its place, we are offering a virtual computer lab.  The Virtual Lab is a service that allows you to access the programs you used to find on the computer lab PCs using shared remote desktop servers.

Even though you are running lab programs on a remote server, the program appears as if it is running on your computer using a feature called RemoteApp. RemoteApp works on Windows PCs, Macs, and even iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) as well as Android devices. Note that due to the small screen size, we do not recommend the use of a phone to run RemoteApps.

Initially we are limiting the number of people who can access the lab at the same time. The old computer lab had 50 PCs that were available for us, and we are limiting the Virtual Lab logons to that number as well. It is possible we may increase that number later, but for now, please be courteous and only access the Virtual Lab when necessary and close your apps when finished to make room for another student.

As you use the Virtual Lab, please keep in mind that while we have tested the system with classes over the summer, this is a new system, and as with any new systems, things don't always run as smoothly as we hope. If you run into problems, please let us know by sending an email with a detailed description of your problem to the Olin Help Desk (help@olin.wustl.edu).

Instructions for installing the necessary Remote Desktop Client software as well a accessing the RemoteApp programs is available for:

iOS (iPad and iPhone)

1. Who can access the Virtual Lab?

Non-PhD Olin students as well as any student taking a business class. Olin faculty may access the Virtual Lab to test applications their students will be using, but the lab should not be used on a regular basis.  PhD and DBA are restricted from using the lab because they have their own PhD server available for their use.

Students logon using their WUSTL Key credentials. When logging in, your username should be entered as "accounts\username" where "username" is your WUSTL Key username. "Accounts" is the name of the WUSTL Key domain and must be specified. 

2. What software is available via the Virtual Lab?

The Remote Desktop servers have nearly all of the programs previously found in the Simon Hall computer lab.

  • Crystal Ball 11.1
  • Datastream 5.1
  • ExtendSim 9
  • FrontLine Analytic Solver 16
  • GAUSS 16 (10 users)
  • SPSS Statistics 24
  • SPSS Amos 24 (3 users)
  • LINDO 6.1, LINGO 16
  • Mathematica 10.4
  • MATLAB R2016a
  • Minitab 17
  • Morningstar Direct
  • Palisade DecisionTools 7.5 (@RISK, BigPicture, PrecisionTree, TopRank, NeuralTools, StatTools, Evolver, RISKOptimizer)
  • ProcessModel 5
  • R 3.3.1, RStudio
  • Rockwell Arena 14.7
  • Salford Predictive Modeler 8.0
  • Sawtooth Software
  • StataMP 14 (10 users)

3. How do I print from a RemoteApp?

The local printers on your computer will be mapped in your Virtual Lab session. When you select the option to print, you should see your local printer listed.

4. Is there a time limit on my Virtual Lab sessions?

Your sessions will remain active as long as you actively using the software. If you are not actively using your session, it will be disconnected after one hour.  If your session remains idle for another 30 minutes, it will be terminated.

5. Will I have access to my M: drive?

Yes, when you logon, you should have your M: drive available as well as any other Olin network drives that youc an normally access.

You also can access the local drives on your computer from within the virtual lab. The names of the drives will be different than what you're used to seeing, however, so look for the following:

  • Windows PC: Local drives are listed as "Drive Letter on Computer Name".
    C: drive  = C on MyComputer
    D: Drive = D on My Computer
  • Mac: TBD

6. Is there a limit to how many users can use the Virtual Lab?

Yes. For performance and licensing reasons, we are limiting the Virtual Lab to 50, the same number of concurrent users as we had in the physical lab. We will monitor performance and license compliance, and if we are able we may increase the limit at a later date. Please be courteous and only use the Virtual Lab when necessary, and be sure to close your Apps to free up a space for another student.