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Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are provided for faculty, staff, and students at the Olin School who need access to internal Olin networks from remote networks. If you are connected to the wireless network on campus, that is treated as a remote network.

If you are on a remote network and want to do the following, you will need to connect via the VPN.

  • Connect to a network drive on an Olin server (such as WUBSTAFF or WUBSTUDENT)
  • Print to a network printer (Olin faculty & staff only)
  • Access a resource that your local network blocks. For example, some countries block access to news and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You do not need to use the VPN for the following:

  • Access restricted Kopolow Library online databases. You can use the library proxy server for easy access to these sites.

Setup Instructions

To connect via the VPN, you must install the Cisco AnyConnect program. Instructions are provided based on the type of device you are using. The program is available for Windows, MacOS, iPhone/iPad (iOS), and Android.


Our VPN provides two different tunnels to which you can connect. Normally you only need to select the named entry, but if that information is not available, you can manually enter the URL listed as your connection address.

Olin Business
Only requests for resources on Olin's network use the tunnel. Requests for other resources use your regular Internet connection and are not encrypted.

URL: vpn.wustl.edu/business
Olin Business (FT)
All traffic is encrypted and routed through Olin's network. When you use this tunnel, all of your connections will appear to be coming from Olin no matter what you're trying to access.

URL: vpn.wustl.edu/business_ft